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Killer whales say hello to GoPro

Turns out young whales love having their photo taken -- and even show off their chompers.

Camera-shy? Not even! When a group from Monterey Bay Whale Watch ran into two pods of whales on Saturday, the young whales proved to love having their photo taken as much as young humans.

"The first few passes were very brief, but we decided to try the camera towed behind the boat," a representative of the group wrote on YouTube. "The juveniles LOVED IT. You can see in the final clips that they are nudging it with their rostrum and even show their teeth a few times. These whales chose to investigate the camera on their own -- showing off their intelligence and grace."

Fast-forward in the video to about 1:39 for a rare up-close glimpse of those enormous teeth, which could really use a few gallons of Crest, and a long session with the spiky tools of a dental hygienist.