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Inventor's scorching knife toasts bread as it slices

UK-based YouTuber Colin Furze shows how you can shave seconds from your schedule with a bread knife that glows red hot.

We've seen heated knives for slicing butter and even a special knife for cutting paired slices of sandwich bread. But why stop there? You know what the world really needs? A knife that cuts bread and toasts it at the same time.

Thank goodness, then, that we have Colin Furze, a UK-based inventor who creates all sorts of wacky handmade gadgets and then demonstrates them on his YouTube channel. For his latest mad-scientist outing, for the first time Furze decided to build something suggested to him by his fans -- the aforementioned hot knife.

In the video above you can watch Furze demonstrate the gizmo, which he made using a microwave transformer to generate the hot current.

Furze demonstrates how the hot knife can carve toasty slices out of full loaves of bread or simply be used to toast already sliced bread. And, yes, it can melt butter as well.

For details on how he made the slicing toaster (toasting slicer?) see the video below.

Unlike some of Furze's other inventions -- like honest-to-goodness Wolverine claws, boots that let you hang from metal a la Magneto and a wrist-mounted flamethrower -- the hot knife is actually kind of a practical thing, although in its current incarnation, it's a little big to store in the silverware drawer. If I were Furze, I'd certainly be throwing up a Kickstarter page right now to shrink the thing down and put it into production.

Wait, that's a good idea. I want 10 percent, Furze. Or at least some free toast.