Intel an investor in storage firm for Apple users

Chipmaker says it has invested in seven new companies through its global investment arm.

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Brooke Crothers
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Intel Capital announced seven new investments Tuesday, including a storage systems company for Apple users and a cloud computing company.

"Innovation does not stop during economic slowdowns," Arvind Sodhani, president of Intel Capital and Intel executive vice president, said in a statement. "New technologies are the drivers of growth that help lead economies back to prosperity."

Investments as spelled out by Intel:

  • Active Storage (Los Angeles) provides a media storage platform for Apple-based infrastructures. The company's hardware RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) solutions are aimed toward the business and creative industries, particularly video post-production, broadcast, publishing, education and science. The company intends to focus this round of funding on R&D and sales and marketing.
  • Joyent (Sausalito, Calif.) provides cloud computing infrastructure and services to help customers develop, deploy and manage Web applications and sites, and to improve data center performance. Joyent's cloud computing technologies offer better performance, utilization rates, savings and security. Joyent will use the funding to accelerate its product development and for increased global expansion.
  • Crucialtec (Cheon-Ahn City, Korea) is a manufacturer of specialized input devices that utilize optical technology for mobile phones, smart phones, and IPTV (Internet Protocol television) remote controllers. Crucialtec's Optical Trackball enables users to enjoy the full internet experience with mobile products as they do with a PC. Intel Capital's investment will help with the development of a new generation of mobile solutions for the global market by providing Crucialtec with additional working capital.
  • Gudeng Precision Industrial (Taipei, Taiwan) is a semiconductor front-end equipment manufacturer that helps customers enhance product yield and reduce production costs. Presently, Gudeng Precision is the world's leading photomask and wafer handling total solution provider, and the company's products are accepted and certificated by worldwide tier-one customers. Gudeng Precision will use the funding to expand business in China and enhance working capital.
  • V-Cube (Tokyo) develops and markets Web-based videoconferencing systems. Its flagship "nice to meet you" service enables one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many interactive real-time communications and on-demand services over the Internet. Currently, V-cube is the largest service provider in Japan for Web-delivered visual communications. The investment will be used to further optimize the service for access from mobile Internet devices and Netbooks and to stream high-quality video over WiMAX wireless broadband networks.
  • NeuString (Dubai, UAE) delivers predictive analytics software and consulting services to mobile network operators, helping companies to achieve greater financial performance. The NeuString Optiprizer software allows operators to optimize pricing, reduce leakage and get real-time reporting on operational metrics. The investment from Intel Capital will be used for sales and marketing build-out and new product development.
  • Phoenix New Media (Beijing) provides dedicated and comprehensive portals to well-educated Chinese audiences of over 100 million. The portals, which are available on internet and mobile platforms, provide news and information generated from in-depth interviews, commentary columns, and social networks. The key features offered by Phoenix New Media help address Chinese netizens' diverse needs on information, expression, interaction and entertainment.

In addition, Onkyo, a Japanese company announced Monday that its board of directors has approved the issuance to Intel Capital of a bond having a face value of approximately $6.6 million, convertible into common shares of Onkyo at Intel Capital's option and a warrant to purchase common shares of Onkyo, Intel said. The convertible bond and the warrant would be issued to Intel Capital in December, subject to compliance with securities procedures and satisfaction of customary closing conditions.

The new deals total approximately $25 million, Intel said.