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See a hydraulic press crush a disco ball

Death to disco! Lava lamps, plasma lamps and disco balls get squashed by a hydraulic press in this entertaining video.

Hydraulic presses are common tools in machine shops. They're used to punch holes and manipulate metal.

They also can be used to crush anything your heart desires. Just for the fun of it.

In this video posted on YouTube on Monday, the Hydraulic Press Channel daringly destroys a lava lamp while it's turned on.

This is probably a good time to remind readers not to try this at home.

Up next is a lit plasma lamp, which looks like lightning squashed in one fell swoop when the hydraulic press does its work.

But the most spectacular part of the video is seeing the symbol of the '70s -- a disco ball -- crushed by a hydraulic press in slow motion. It's especially gratifying to see if you hate disco music.

In the past, the Hydraulic Press Channel has crushed everything from Lego toys to toilets, all in the name of science.

And amusement.