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Dinosaurs romp on Florida beach ahead of Hurricane Matthew

Inflatable T.rex costumes make a pre-hurricane appearance on a Florida beach as two extinct dinos cavort in the sand.

Most Florida residents, especially those near the coast, are either evacuating or hunkering down to protect themselves from the onslaught of Hurricane Matthew, a deadly storm system that already wreaked havoc in the Caribbean. NBC New York caught sight of some unusual activity on a Florida beach on Friday, tweeting a video of two dinosaurs frolicking in the high winds.

The costumed characters are wearing inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex outfits. The goofy suits feed into an internet phenomenon that features videos of people wearing the costumes while engaged in everyday activities like ice skating, dancing or having tea parties. T-Rex Tuesdays, a popular Facebook page, may be the most famous purveyor of dino-costumed silliness.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Matthew is weakening slightly, but will continue to pound the US coast through Sunday. Facebook has activated its Safety Check feature that lets people check in with friends and loved ones on the social media site.

The NBC New York footage includes the caption "Forecast: Stormy with a chance of dinosaurs?" The pair of T.rex appear to be dancing and romping as the wind whips their inflatable heads backward. Here's hoping they get to shelter and avoid extinction.