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Guy stands up to Hurricane Irma, nearly gets blown away

Most people have left the Florida Keys, but a pair of storm chasers make a stand as Hurricane Irma hits the islands.

Cable news and YouTube feeds have been full of reporters braving crazy winds for live shots this hurricane season, but the storm chasers behind the above video take even bigger risks, literally standing up to Hurricane Irma as it collided with the Florida Keys.

The video was posted to Twitter early Sunday morning, which is around the time the brunt of the storm was smacking the archipelago. Storm chaser Simon Brewer records his buddy and fellow meteorologist Juston Drake putting himself in the face of fierce winds as he attempts to take a simple wind speed reading with an anemometer.

The gale quickly strips off Drake's face mask and goggles. He's nearly blown away.

Brewer later reported via Twitter a measurement of 117 mph (188 kph) with the caveat that the handheld device "undersamples actual wind speed."

The video has since begun to make the rounds online, garnering over 12,000 retweets. Worryingly, both Brewer's and Drake's social media fans have been silent since the video was posted early Sunday. 

Hopefully they're just having a hard time getting connected.

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