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Astronaut tweets sobering photo of Hurricane Irma from space

"Too many people in Irma's path," says ISS commander Randy Bresnik as he shares a view of the storm few of us would ever have the chance to see.

Viewing Hurricane Irma's immense size on your nightly news weather report is one thing. Seeing it from space, as an enormous white swirl dominating a portion of our fragile planet, is quite another.

NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik tweeted a photo Thursday night taken from his perch on the International Space Station, where he's current ISS commander. In the photo, Irma sprawls like a deadly white spider over the Caribbean, looking impossibly large compared with the land around it.

Bresnik's grim assessment: "Tonight, far too many people in #Irma's path and in its wake." 

Bresnik often shares photos from space, but this one was one of the most sobering. Replied Twitter user Andy Coticchio,  "Too many people. It was nice when we were looking at pictures of the solar eclipse from space. #Irma is no fun."

Irma is expected to stay a category 4 storm as it approaches Florida this weekend, CBS News reports.