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NASA sees monstrous Hurricane Harvey from space station

Astronauts on board the International Space Station get a dramatic look at Hurricane Harvey as it approaches the US coast.

Hurricane Harvey is shaping up to be a beast of a storm. It's heading toward the US coastline where it's expected to reach Texas this weekend. NASA released a video on Thursday showing the hurricane as seen from the International Space Station that day. It offers a combination of fright, calm and fascination.  

The video show a series of views of the round cloud formations swirling around the center of the storm as the station passes over. It's a bit eerie to watch the soundless footage. Sometimes, the storm completely fills the screen. At other points in the video, you can see parts of the ISS in the frame.

The National Weather Service says Harvey will bring torrential rains and a dangerous storm surge with "the potential to create a life-threatening flooding situation." 

NASA astronaut Jack Fischer posted a Hurricane Harvey photo to Twitter on Friday with the message "looks like a ton of rain is about to unload."