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Hop aboard the International Space Station in Ultra HD

Take a virtual tour through the ISS with this gorgeous 4K video footage courtesy of former ISS astronaut Terry Virts.

When astronaut Terry Virts headed to the International Space Station in December 2014 as commander of Expedition 43, he brought with him a camera capable of capturing content in 4K resolution.

Back on Earth as of June 11, Virts and NASA are starting to share some of the footage captured during the mission, which included, among other things, astrophysics research and physical-science investigations.

A 4-minute video posted to NASA's YouTube channel on Monday gives us our first real glimpse of the space station in glorious 4K resolution. In addition to getting a better, more clear look at some of the experiments astronauts conduct aboard the ISS, the footage features beautiful, jaw-dropping shots of the Earth and the moon as seen from space.

Oh, and there's a floating taco, too, because of course there's a floating taco. What space video would be complete without one? Check out the incredible footage in the video above, then get ready for more beautiful shots of space as NASA continues to upload 4K video in its ongoing mission to boldly go where no man has gone before.

And in case you missed it, the day before Virts returned to Earth after more than six months flying high above the planet, he tweeted a fantastically clear picture of the Egyptian pyramids from on high.