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How I trained like a Navy SEAL for 4 minutes

We navigated a pitch-black obstacle course equipped with military-grade night vision technology and Nerf guns.

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We're sitting in a small, freezing room meant to look like a staging area for an elite military fighting unit. Military vests, helmets and night vision goggles hang on the wall. But we're only about 100 yards away from the Las Vegas Convention Center and the thousands of people there for the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

We've been promised a first-of-its-kinds training experience from History in an obstacle course set up in the convention center parking lot. A former army ranger named John briefs us on our mission. We're to navigate the course in total darkness, with the same military-grade night vision technology used by US Navy SEALS.

What's the point? To generate buzz for "Six", History's new military combat drama premiering Wednesday, January 18th.

John says we will navigate physical obstacles, search for clues and shoot targets. Once finished, he and his team fit us each with a tactical vest, helmet and night vision goggles. Then we're handed laser-sight equipped Nerf guns to take out our targets.

Watch the video above to see what happens when CNET editors pretend to be Navy SEALS.