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Here's your Halloween zombie-anatomy lesson

Can zombies empathize? Are they near-sighted or far-sighted? Study up with this fully interactive model of zombie anatomy if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Only by studying zombie anatomy can we hope to defeat these deadly killers. (Click for the full interactive tool.) BioDigital

It's Halloween, so you'll probably see tons of zombies roaming around the streets of your neighborhood. Hopefully, they'll just be kids and adults pretending to be the undead, but just in case the zombie apocalypse is upon us, it's best to be prepared.

One of the best ways to ensure survival is to learn the basic weaknesses of your undead foes. While various accounts, such as those from "The Walking Dead," have shown us that the brain is the main zombie weakness, there are other ways to render a zombie less dangerous. BioDigital -- which makes 3D anatomy tools that are like Google Earth for the human body -- compiled an interactive guide on zombie anatomy, giving us humans a 360-degree look at what differentiates humans from their killing-machine zombie counterparts.

You can check out BioDigital's interactive tool in full here, but study quick! The zombies will be on the prowl in just a few hours.