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Here's how Star Wars Day is celebrated...in SPACE

May the Fourth be with the ISS! This pun-based holiday is a reason for fans everywhere to party, even out in space itself.

Is that a real-world Death Star hiding behind Saturn's rings? No, it's just the moon Mimas -- good one, NASA. NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

High, high above Earth, in a space station built several years ago, the Force is strong and bringing welcome entertainment to people who have signed on to float around in a tin can in orbit. That's right -- perhaps the most appropriately located showing of "Star Wars" of all time took place Monday aboard the International Space Station, where the crew celebrated May the Fourth by watching a little of the canon while hurtling around the Earth at 4.76 miles per second (7.66 km per second).

The program science office for the International Space Station at NASA tweeted out the below image of the festivities early Monday morning:

As many other tweeps have already noted, it is a little worrying that the ISS team chose to watch one of the prequels rather than going with the original trilogy, but sometimes there's no accounting for taste, even in microgravity.

NASA also dug into its archive to find the very appropriate and uncanny image of the Death Star hanging out in the outer solar system shown at the top of this post. Er, no, actually, that's one of Saturn's moons -- Mimas -- but I have to think that the Cassini spacecraft got electronic chills sent through its circuits when it spied that image in 2005.

For more doses of reality overlapping with the "Star Wars" universe on this May the Fourth, be sure to check out this distant planet that seems an awful lot like Tatooine or this real-world Hoth cousin.

And may the Force be with you.