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Take a tour of a hedgehog cafe in Japan

There are rabbit, owl and cat cafes, but what about spending some quality time with adorable hedgehogs while sipping on tea?

The Harry Cafe in Tokyo offers hot beverages and a chance to play with hedgehogs. Yes, hedgehogs.

Doesn't sound like your ideal cafe-going experience? In this video from YouTuber Tina Young, posted Monday, it's easy to see how hedgehogs appeal to all kinds of customers.

Thirty minutes of hedgehog play time at the Harry Cafe costs 1,000 yen (about $10, £8, AU$13). For an extra 500 yen (about $5, £4, AU$7), customers get to feed the hedgehogs live worms with long tweezers.

Once customers pay the fee, they pick out a hedgehog from the 30 available animals. Then employees demonstrate how to safely handle the cute and prickly creatures.

While the little animals might squirm at first, they soon relax and even fall asleep in the hands of the customers. The only thing that would make this place even more adorable is if the hedgehogs drank out of tiny teacups.