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Stephen Hawking, Grace Hopper paper snowflakes honor science

Make these paper snowflakes to celebrate famous scientists such as Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Jane Goodall and more for the holidays.

Celebrate the holidays by making Grace Hopper paper snowflakes.
The Franklin Institute

Deck the halls with geeky DIY decorations. Add some science to your holiday season with these geeky paper snowflakes of famous scientists such as Grace Hopper, Stephen Hawking, Sally Ride and more courtesy of the Franklin Institute. 

Both men and women are equally represented in these clever snowflake tributes. You can make a snowflake of Dorothy Vaughan -- one of NASA's leading mathematicians and "human computers" working with the American space program from its earliest days. 

Or you can print and cut out the snowflake for theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking. 

I plan on making the snowflakes of well-known adversaries Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Then I'll force them to stare at each other from across the room. 


This paper snowflake of Nikola Tesla is an uncanny likeness of the famous inventor.

The Franklin Institute

Other scientist snowflakes include inventor Benjamin Franklin, anthropologist Jane Goodall, mathematician Katherine Johnson, NASA engineer Mary Jackson and chemist Rosalind Franklin.

There are also designs for telescope, space shuttle and flask paper snowflakes. 

Just download and print out these snowflake templates, fold per instructions, carefully cut out the gray areas, unfold the paper and voila: Science-y snowflakes fit for both the lab and home.

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