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GoPro posts video from its prototype drone

Yep, looks like some very stable video from a quadcopter.

Screenshot by Joshua Goldman/CNET

Earlier in the year, GoPro announced that it was working on a quadcopter for aerial photos and videos that would be available sometime in the first half of 2016.

The company has otherwise been tight-lipped about the project, until today when it loosened them just a bit by posting a video shot with the quadcopter to its Inside Line company news site.

The caption below the video explains that it was shot with a developmental prototype of GoPro's quadcopter and stabilization system. It also made it a point to say no post-production stabilization was used.

While the video is impressively smooth, the same could be said about most clips shot with a drone with a three-axis stabilization gimbal attached to it. I have no doubt GoPro can handle the video part of the product.

What the company is going to have to nail is the design, camera features and flight capabilities to make this a standout in what is an increasingly crowded market, and bring it in at a decent price. Those details are still up in the air it seems.