Global deaths from COVID-19 pass 3 million mark

The US, Brazil and Mexico are the three countries with the highest death tolls from the virus worldwide.

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The COVID death toll passes another milestone.

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The number of deaths worldwide from COVID-19 passed another sad milestone on Monday. Data from John Hopkins University shows that over 3 million people around the world have now died after contracting the coronavirus-induced disease.

The country with the most COVID-related deaths is the US, where over half a million people have now died during the global pandemic, followed by Brazil, Mexico, India and the UK.

The death toll has climbed steeply over the past six months, with 1 million deaths reported by September 2020, 2 million by January 2021 and now 3 million just three months later. There is significant concern about the spread of new variants of the virus, including the UK variant, which is thought to be more highly transmissible.

But with the wide availability and rollout of vaccines, there is hope that we may be turning a corner in our handling of the global pandemic. Multiple vaccines for COVID-19 have been found effective at both limiting the spread of the virus and preventing people from getting seriously ill.