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Have you heard? Space gets loud on the latest CraveCast

They can't hear you scream in space, but that doesn't mean there are no sounds coming from the cosmos. The CraveCast crew investigates and discusses a hot new space game, a super DIY space dad and saddling up a real-life comet.

The CraveCast is your vehicle for space exploration...while still tethered to Earth. Obayashi

There are meteors in the sky, robots saddling up to ride a comet, and oh-so-much more going on in space these days, not to mention the hold that the cosmos has on our gaming and entertainment lives as well.

In the latest CraveCast, the crew discusses that huge void that is the majority of everything: Space.

Watch below to see Crave's Kelsey Adams, Stephen Beacham, Bonnie Burton, Eric Mack, Jeff Sparkman -- and as a special treat, the fascinating Michelle Starr, Skyping in from Australia --all chatting about the sounds of space, rodeo-ing a comet, and other less intense ways of engaging in space play.

Shoot us suggestions for a future CraveCast by tweeting @crave anytime with the hashtag #cravecast.

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CraveCast #5: Spaced Out

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