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Get lost in this immersive Mars panorama from NASA's rover

An epic panorama from the Curiosity rover puts a good-size chunk of Mars all up in your face.

Here's just a taste of the larger panorama.

So, you want to go to Mars. Well, you can't. At least not yet. In the meantime, content yourself with stepping into a 360-degree panorama stitched together from images taken by NASA's Curiosity rover. You won't have to deal with the terrible weather or funky atmosphere or fret about terraforming the Red Planet. Just step on in with your eyes and enjoy.

The panorama takes in an area of Mars called the Naukluft Plateau inside the Gale Crater. The Naukluft Mountains on Earth are a range in Namibia. "Naukluft" means narrow ravine. Curiosity's camera sees sandstone deposits, sand layers, the crater rim and upper Mount Sharp against the horizon. Parts of the Curiosity rover itself are visible near the bottom of the panorama.

Curiosity took the photos on April 4 and NASA released the results Wednesday. NASA adjusted the color of the stitched-together images to approximate what it would look like under Earth daylight conditions. Perhaps the best way to view this is to load it up on a large monitor, turn out the lights and play "The Martian" soundtrack in the background as you gaze deeply into the Mars vista. Click here for the image in its full giant glory.