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From heaven to Earth, nanotech makes strides

roundup Carbon nanotubes could be the star of an eventual space elevator, while other nano advances could be as close as the clay beneath us.

Carbon nanotubes could be the star of an elevator up to space, while other nano advances could be as close as the clay beneath.

Nano skyscrapers may precede space elevator

The carbon nanotubes central to building a space elevator could have more practical and immediate applications.
October 26, 2005

Future nanotech tools made from clay

A nano start-up is using a naturally occurring tubular clay as a carrier in metals, perfumes and more.
October 26, 2005

Nanotech: Is it soup yet?

Executives cite examples in which nanotechnology is taking root. But it's still on a nanoscale.
October 24, 2005

The key to fresh water: Imitation spleen proteins

The water is safe, of course. It's passed though designer molecules similar to the filters in your liver.
October 24, 2005

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Here come the nanocars

Not known for its roomy interior, think of the nanocar as a Tonka truck, but one that's only a few molecules big.
October 21, 2005

Infinitessimally small nanocars developed at Rice University roll on streets paved with gold.
October 21, 2005

A road map for safer nanotech?

Information on the long-term health effects of nanomaterials remains scarce, so a group of researchers offers recommendations to fill the void.
October 20, 2005

Nanotech golf ball delayed

The NDMX, a ball that will correct for a slight slice or a hook, lands slightly in the rough.
October 5, 2005