Fish trapped inside jellyfish is having a worse day than you are

Australian photographer Tim Samuel captured the unusual image and says the fish was actually propelling its see-through captor.

Photographer Tim Samuel says the fish seemed trapped, but was propelling the jellyfish.
Tim Samuel Photography

Think you're having a bad day? At least you're not this sad little fish, who found himself trapped inside a jellyfish in the waters off Byron Bay, Australia.

Photographer Tim Samuel came across the unusual sight while snorkeling with videographer Franny Plumridge, who's seen in the background of the photo, and says he has never seen anything like it.

"It seemed completely trapped in there, like it had somehow managed to swim inside and then was unable to back itself out," Samuel told CNET. "The fish was able to propel the jellyfish forward and controlled its movement to an extent. The jellyfish threw it off-balance though, and they would wobble around, and sometimes get stuck doing circles. I contemplating freeing the fish as I felt bad for it, but in the end decided to just let nature run its course, which was a difficult decision for me to make."

Samuel shared the photo on Reddit via Imgur, where viewers were quick to imagine what the poor fish was thinking. Wrote jsnforce, "Well I'm dead, but I'ma steer this translucent-ass motherf***** into a propeller before I go." And seeker2319 quoted Dory from "Finding Nemo," with "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming."

Another image of the strange sea-life duo, as well as other ocean photography, can be viewed on Samuel's Instagram account and website.