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Finally! The phone-charging cable you've been waiting for

From the category of "what took so long" comes the Night Cable -- a 10-foot-long cord that just might end cable frustration forever.

The Night Cable won't try to make a break for it. Native Union

Sometimes we get so caught up in new technology that we forget to go back and fix the tech we already have. Take, for example, the phone-charging cable. While it might be fine for juicing up your smartphone during the day when it's sitting on your desk or at night when you're in bed, don't you find it just a little too short? And how annoying is it that every time you disconnect the cable from your phone it immediately takes a dive onto the floor?

The good folks over at Native Union may have solved this problem with a brand-new charging cord called the Night Cable. It measures just about 10 feet in length (3 meters) so you won't need to contort yourself into strange yogic positions while watching the latest episode of " The Flash" at night in bed on your phone or tablet.

It's also covered in fabric braiding, which makes it easily conform to the curves of your bed (and makes it just plain nice to have around). Best of all, it's got a large weighted knot that you can slide up and down to anchor the cable where you want it so that it won't quickly escape off a surface every time you detach your phone.

The cable comes in a Lightning version for Apple's iPhones and iPads that's available in red, blue or zebra-patterned braiding. A Micro-USB version for Android and Windows devices is available only in the zebra pattern. The Night Cable costs $39 (£24.99, AU$39.95), which is certainly pricey for a charging cord. But just think of all the money you'll save on chiropractic bills by not having to twist yourself into a pretzel in bed to enjoy your phone while it's charging.