ESA honors Valentine's Day with Earth hearts seen from space

ESA is showering its love on views of heart-shaped lakes, islands and mountains.

The European Space Agency is deeply in love with its home planet this Valentine's Day

It aims to get your chest a-thumping with some knockout satellite and astronaut views of islands, lakes and wild natural formations in the shape of classic hearts.

Some of the images come from International Space Station cameras and some from satellites.

Not all of these love stories will have happy endings The emerald Aral Sea appears in the video. It was once the fourth largest lake in the world, but people siphoned off its water for irrigation. 

"Now only about 10 percent of the size it once was, the demise of this oasis is a striking example of humankind's impact on the environment and natural resources, and reported to be one of the world's major ecological disaster areas," ESA says.

That might sound like a bummer of a message for Valentine's Day, but it's part of what ESA is trying to communicate when it asks us to fall in love with Earth. 

"For Valentine's Day we hope these images fill you with love for our world," says ESA, "and serve as a little reminder that like the others we love in life, our world needs to be cherished and cared for in order for it to thrive."