Elon Musk to share latest moon and Mars plans with Earthlings today

The SpaceX founder will update his grand vision at the Mars Society virtual convention.

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Eric Mack

It's been more than four years since Elon Musk first revealed his audacious plan to lay the foundation for a city on Mars. The SpaceX founder and leading Martian real estate evangelist will give an update on his interplanetary opus Friday at this year's virtual Mars Society convention.

History has taken a few dark turns since 2016, but Musk and SpaceX continue to press forward, developing the next-generation Starship rocket he says will eventually take humans to the moon, Mars and even beyond. 

SpaceX has conducted a few short flights of Starship prototypes and launched several hundred Starlink satellites for its broadband service that Musk has said will help fund his Martian ambitions.

Musk will speak on Friday, the second day of the convention, at 3 p.m. PT. (It was previously set for 4 p.m.). You can register for free to attend via Attendify or Zoom, and the video feed is also accessible via Facebook and YouTube.

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