Elon Musk is building a medieval watchtower

Elon Musk completes the apocalypse trifecta: Flamethrowers, subterranean tunnels and now a medieval watchtower.

Jackson Ryan/VCG/Getty Images

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is doing his darndest to ensure his tunneling venture The Boring Company is anything but.

After the companies' plans to deliver your car directly to your garage via subterranean tunnels were revealed early Wednesday, Musk set his sights on more lofty construction goals: a medieval watchtower that will serve as The Boring Company's headquarters. He tweeted an update Wednesday:

Musk has long discussed using the discarded dirt excavated in The Boring Company's tunneling efforts as Boring Bricks -- low-cost, eco-friendly building blocks.

In March, he discussed how the dirt will be used to create "lifesize LEGO-like interlocking bricks" that are super strong and rated for California seismic loads. In May, he suggested that the dirt would be used for low-cost housing. Little information has trickled out of The Boring Company since, but on Thursday Musk revealed the first Boring Brick store will open in approximately two months and will sell bricks for 10 cents a pop.

Musk also tweeted that, when used for affordable housing projects, the bricks would be given away for free. We've reached out to The Boring Company to confirm the availability of the bricks elsewhere, but at least one tweet suggests that the bricks will be available outside Hawthorne, California, where the company is based.

With the medieval watchtower, subterranean tunnels and flamethrowers, just what *exactly* is The Boring Company planning for? Is this a clandestine zombie apocalypse operation? Is Musk not-so-secretly preparing for the End of Days?

We can't be sure, but keeping an eye on his Twitter feed might give you the heads up, should the world go belly up.

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