Now Elon Musk is just selling rocks from The Boring Company

Musk's tunneling startup teases plans for more unconventional fundraising: this time by hawking Lego-like building kits made from bored rock.

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Eric Mack

This is Godot, the name of The Boring Company's tunnel boring machine.

Boring Co.

Serial entrepreneur and planetary escape artist Elon Musk has resorted to some unusual fundraising for his tunnel-boring company, The Boring Company. After making millions selling limited-edition hats and flamethrowers, his next scheme is hawking "lifesize Lego-like interlocking bricks made from tunneling rock."

Musk teased his next round of "Boring Company merch" on Twitter Sunday evening:

The plan seems to be to take tunneling waste rock, hollow it out, polish it up, add some interlocking tabs and slots and ship it around the world to eager buyers.

"The boring bricks are interlocking with a precise surface finish, so two people could build the outer walls of a small house in a day or so," Musk explained

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Presuming Musk is actually serious here (and so far there's little reason to doubt he is), he says the rock bricks will be sold as building kits.

"First kit set will be ancient Egypt -- pyramids, Sphinx, temple of Horus, etc," he tweeted.

For those who are becoming avid collectors of all things Boring (Company), Musk wants to reassure you there's no reason you can't use your Boring flamethrower on the Boring Bricks while wearing your Boring Hat.