Eerie satellite images show the ghost world created by coronavirus

COVID-19 has sent the world home, turning innumerable public places into ghost sites.

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COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus that causes it have canceled countless events and gatherings as cities, states and entire nations go into shutdown mode. 

With millions at home or practicing social distancing, the basic concept of a crowd has become a rare thing. 

Geospatial World put together the above video using satellite imagery from Maxar Technologies that shows humanity's retreat. Popular tourist spaces have cleared out, lines of planes waiting for take-off are no longer a thing, and ski area parking lots have emptied while lots for unneeded rental cars are full. 

Images from ground level are even more striking, as many offices, restaurants and other hotspots have cleared out. We've put together a gallery chronicling the emptiness for you to peruse, hopefully from the uncontaminated comfort of your home.

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