Donovanosis is a flesh-eating STD, and it shares my name

Commentary: I hate the person who named this disease.

Donovan Farnham Social Media Editor / Roadshow

Donovanosis, not a picture of the author.

SOA-AIDS Amsterdam via Wikimedia Commons

On the list of terrible diseases, an infection that causes your genitals to erupt into bloody ulcers is very high on the list.

The only thing that could be worse is sharing a name with it.

Hi, my name is Donovan, and my scientist-cousin just clued me into this nightmare STD that bears my name.

The disease, also known as granuloma inguinale, is typically found in tropical regions -- think India, Papua, New Guinea and southern Africa -- with a few cases reported in the United States. The disease is making headlines now that the Lancashire Post reported on the first confirmed case in Southport, England.

The Centers for Disease Control says the condition is transmitted by direct contact with open sores. If you do find yourself suffering from Donovanosis, you'll come down with painless, beefy red, bad-smelling, bleeding lesions that'll eventually kill the neighboring tissue. Again, not something you want as your medical namesake. 

Luckily, this grotesque disease is treatable with antibiotics.

On a personal note to the scientist who named this disease: thanks a lot.