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See fruits and veggies blow up in stunning slow motion

Pineapples exploding are kind of beautiful when YouTube star Crazy Russian Hacker films the happening at 25,000 frames per second.

Stuffing firecrackers into fruits and vegetables and watching the produce explode might seem like a silly way to pass the time. But when YouTube star Crazy Russian Hacker does it, it feels more like art.

In this video, posted Sunday, the YouTuber excitedly blows up yellow peppers, zucchini, oranges, lemons, mangoes, potatoes and other edibles with interesting results -- especially when played back at 25,000 frames per second.

While most of the produce scatters into mere plant scraps, other slow motion explosions are more interesting to behold.

The onion, for example, explodes in layers, while the tomato lights up like a red alarm before it completely combusts.

The pineapple is the least destructive of all the food bombs. I'm relieved to know SpongeBob SquarePants' pineapple house under the sea must be fairly structurally sound if firecrackers can't completely destroy the tropical fruit.