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Crazy footage shows volcanic lightning during massive eruption

German filmmaker Marc Szeglat has captured some incredibly rare footage of an erupting volcano that was so explosive it actually generated volcanic lightning.

Volcanic eruptions are crazy-cool and dangerous, but they're even better when they're intense enough to generate lightning storms as they're going off.

During a recent volcanic eruption at the highly active Sakurajima volcano on the Japanese island of Kyushu, filmmaker Marc Szeglat captured some pretty incredible footage of a lightning storm generated by the volcano.

The Sakurajima volcano became active in 1955, and is dangerously close to the city of Kagoshima and its 600,000 or so residents. Volcanic lightning, also known as a dirty thunderstorm, usually happens during large and powerful eruptions. Sakurajima is something of a hotspot for lightning storms.

As you can see in the Barcroft TV clip, Szeglat documented the intense electrical charges the volcano emitted as it erupted earlier this month, and the pictures and videos he shot of the storm are pretty amazing. Check out the footage for yourself in the video at the top of this post, and be amazed by this crazy natural phenomenon.

This crazy image shows lightning generated by a major volcanic eruption in Japan.Marc Szeglat/Barcroft Media

(Via Buzzfeed)