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Could crab legs be the wheels of the future?

The Crabster CR200 is a car-sized vehicle based on a crab, designed for underwater exploration.

OK, we're probably not going to replace wheels any time soon as a method for getting around. But if we did, cars that walk like crabs would be pretty sweet. The Crabster CR200, in development at the Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, is an underwater exploration vehicle, inspired by crabs.

By using legs, instead of other methods of underwater propulsion such as propellers, the team at KIOST hopes to be able to access areas of the ocean where currents are too strong for traditional underwater vehicles. The 600-kilogram (1322-pound) Crabster's feet should help provide more stability, as well as stirring up less material than propellers.

The robot has yet to be deployed, but it has been tested in the ocean. The video above is a demonstration of Crabster CR200 in June 2016.