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Compose a message for aliens on the next CraveCast

We welcome Douglas Vakoch, the guy who thinks about what sort of texts we might want to send to aliens probably more than anyone else. Join us Tuesday at noon Pacific.

Douglas Vakoch joins the CraveCast on Tuesday at noon.
SETI Institute

Douglas Vakoch is kind of like humanity's translator to the universe. He's worked at the SETI Institute and elsewhere on some seriously big questions, like: How might we send messages into space to let other intelligent civilizations (if there are any) know we're here? And what would be in those messages anyway?

Since the CraveCast crew certainly has some thoughts on these questions, we decided to invite Vakoch to join us live in the studio for our next show Tuesday at noon Pacific time.

We'll chat about his work; his new organization, METI International (for Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence); the search for alien megastructures around a distant star; and maybe even "outer space-y music" from the dark side of the moon.

You can also be a part of the conversation by returning to this page Tuesday at noon, when we'll have a live stream of the show embedded below. You can also watch via YouTube or Livestream and join in the live chat room.

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Listen to the CraveCast for 2-23-16