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CNET's in your iPad

CNET's new iPad app launches today--just in time for holiday tech indulgences--and it promises to make you the smartest tech fan at any party. It might be the most beautiful way yet to play with CNET's reviews, news, photos, and smart tech videos.

CNET's iPad app home page delivers the best tech stories instantly.

You can pack up your other apps and send them home. CNET's iPad app has arrived, and you'll be too busy digging into its tech riches, reviews, and gadget advice to get much else done on your iPad. Or, you know, eat.

I'd walk you though a big tour of the CNET app, but there's no need. It's easy to use, and CNET readers are nothing if not smart cookies. So here's a highlight reel.

It's easy to navigate all of CNET's content from the app's navigation bar. CNET

Once you install the CNET iPad app from Apple's App Store, bring up the app and you'll see our hand-curated roundup of the very best CNET has to offer in tech reviews and news. (These are the stories to read before your next cocktail party. You'll be the smartest guest in the room.)

Scroll past our top five stories to see all the writing and video CNET produces as soon as it hits the Internet. Each time you pick up your iPad, you'll have a new rant from Molly Wood, helpful advice from Maggie Reardon, or a hands-on review of the latest must-have smartphone from Kent German. (Maybe even CNET's iPad 3 review. It'll be here before you know it.)

If you're using your iPad for a holiday shopping expedition, you can dig right into CNET's thousands of device reviews. Just hit that bottom nav bar and scroll until you get to the category you need. Choose Reviews. Done.

CNET slideshows, video--they're all in the app. Enjoy, learn a ton, and please leave feedback for us. We want to know how it's working for you.