'Cannabis Chemistry' explains the why behind the high

A new video from the American Chemical Society examines the science behind getting high and how some labs are working to prevent "killer" buzzes.

It's high time pot vendors and consumers learn a little about the potent plant. Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

With marijuana becoming legally available in more places around the US, knowing a bit more about the plant, its potency, and potential safety issues seems like a good idea. After all, an informed consumer and all that.

A new video from the American Chemical Society's "Reactions" series provides a quick but informative take on why pot makes us feel euphoric and helps combat nausea and pain.

It also takes a look at marijuana testing labs across the country that evaluate buds for potency so vendors and customers can know exactly what they're selling and buying. Because, after all, as the video states: "You don't want to take 300 milligrams of THC and think you're only taking 30." Right?

The video points out that the labs also test pot for safety, examining the plants for pesticides, solvents, and mold and mildew because "you don't want to poison yourself while trying to cure your nausea." Talk about a buzz kill.

"With names like Purple Urkle, Orange Kush, Blue Dream, and Blueberry Yum Yum, it can be hard to take weed seriously," the video says over bouncing reggae music. "But these serious scientists are trying to make it a little easier to smoke up -- legally, of course." Righteous.