NASA installs a sweet new HD camera on the space station

See first video from the enhanced HD camera a NASA astronaut installed during a spacewalk.

The International Space Station has been in orbit since 1998. Camera technology has come a long way since then. Astronauts out on a spacewalk on Friday just installed a new enhanced HD camera and NASA posted a first look at its eye-catching capabilities. It gives viewers a much crisper look at exterior activities like Friday's spacewalk.

NASA astronaut Joseph Acaba did the installation honors and NASA quickly took advantage of the high-definition video to show Acaba working on another part of the station's exterior with his feet floating free during a livestream. 

This was the third of three spacewalks scheduled in October to handle maintenance and replacement of equipment outside the ISS. 

Earlier this month, NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik snapped a challenging selfie while in his spacesuit and likened the experience to triggering a shutter button while wearing oven mitts.

Today's successful spacewalk lasted for over six hours and the astronauts returned safely to the inside of the station.