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Browser extension gives you screaming Shia LeBeouf when you need him

A new Chrome extension called "DO IT" puts Shia LeBeouf the motivator right on your computer so you can do what needs to be done.

Install this Chrome extension and have Shia in your face right on your computer. Video screenshot by Danny Gallagher/CNET

Tired of putting off 'til tomorrow what you should have done yesterday? Wish you could just sit down and get stuff done? Imagine if in the midst of your mental conundrum, Shia LaBeouf could burst through the wall of your office and let out a spittle-flying scream right in your face to "DO IT. JUST DO IT!" If you didn't have a can of mace on you, you'd probably get to work on it.

It is, of course, expensive to hire an actor with Shia's star power as a personal motivational coach. So someone came up with an extension for your Chrome browser to help you "LaBeouf" up your confidence.

The extension's simply called "DO IT" and it plays a loop of LaBeouf's recent inspirational video on your screen when you need it most. The video comes from a green-screen short that LaBeouf made as part of a London art school project called "#INTRODUCTIONS." In it, he performs several monologues written by students in front of a green screen.

The video -- which last week spawned a host of Shia LeBeouf motivational mashups -- at one point features LaBeouf trying to deliver the most inspirational and unintentionally hilarious pep talk of all time as he screams motivational catchphrases into the camera and implores you to just get off your duff and do what needs to be done, although he never says the thing that actually needs to be done.

Given LeBeouf's recent erratic behavior, I'd like to think that for him, that thing involves discovering some kind of stress management technique, but we've all got different goals in life.

(Via TheNextWeb)