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Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot shows off gymnastics skills in new video

Atlas sticks the landing.

Could we see a robot at the Olympics in the future?
Boston Dynamics

Hold onto your medals, Simone Biles. On Tuesday, Boston Dynamics posted a new video of its robot, Atlas, showing off some gymnastic skills. Atlas, the almost 5-foot robot, completes a series of somersaults, jumps, twists and a handstand before sticking the landing. On its site, Boston Dynamics attributes Atlas' range of motion to the robot's 28 hydraulic joints. 

"Then Atlas tracks the motions using a model predictive controller that smoothly blends from one maneuver to the next," Boston Dynamics said in the video description. "Using this approach, we developed the routine significantly faster than previous Atlas routines, with a performance success rate of about 80%."

Boston Dynamics didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Of course, Atlas isn't the only robot that Boston Dynamics makes. The Spot robot, which is now on sale for early adopters, has been adding feat after impressive feat to its resume. The little robot dog can pull a truck with its friends, and twerk