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Bomb cyclone freezes ocean, drone captures the view

Fiercely frigid temperatures in the eastern United States turned ocean waves into ice and a drone braved the cold to bring back a spectacular video of the scene.

It got so cold in parts of the US over the last few days, frigid iguanas fell out of trees and the ocean froze over along the coast of Massachusetts. If you're trying to imagine what a frozen ocean looks like, you don't have to guess. YouTube user Ryan Canty posted two spectacular videos on Sunday of the waves stalled in time.

Canty's drone video shows a glorious sunset and people standing on the coastal ice of Buzzards Bay at Old Silver Beach in North Falmouth. Canty posted another video showing the scene from ground level. He narrates the experience, noting the temperature is -20 Fahrenheit (-29 Celsius). "Looks like Antarctica right now," he says.

The surreal scene came about due to an extreme cold snap as a "bomb cyclone" storm system unleashed frigid temperatures and strong winds along the US East Coast.

The frozen water isn't just happening along Old Silver Beach. The US Coast Guard has been conducting ice-breaking operations throughout the Northeast to keep shipping traffic moving. 

For a very different look at the storm front, check out the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's dramatic satellite view of the sun rising over its swirling clouds.