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Blue wine? Toast to the latest colorful tipple

Spanish winemaker Gik Live produces an electric-blue beverage that looks like something out of science fiction.

Gik blue wine would fit right in to the Star Wars or Star Trek universes.
Gik Live

Blue beverages hold a weird fascination for science fiction writers. Remember Luke Skywalker pouring himself a glass of blue Bantha milk back home on Tatooine? And the characteristic blue hue of Star Trek's Romulan Ale, which Bones McCoy only uses "for medicinal purposes"?

Now cosplayers can quit waiting for Pepsi Blue to come back and indulge in a blue beverage of their own -- blue wine, made by Spanish winemakers Gik Live.

As if the color didn't already clue you in, don't expect stuffy tradition from these folks.

"Gïk is born for fun," the site proclaims. "To shake things up a little and see what happens. To create something new. Something different. Why a blue wine you wonder? And why not?"

The wine mixes white and red grapes, and gets its color from indigo and anthocyanin. (You're supposed to refrigerate it, so it sounds more like white wine in that respect.) Its six Spanish winemakers, all twentysomethings, urge would-be drinkers to forget "everything that sommelier said" and try their unusual drink. "You set your own rules and decide when, where, how and with whom you want to toast with a glass of Gïk," the company encourages in a press release.

If you're in need of some wine that's bluer than blue, you'll have to get thee to Europe for now, though Eater reports the company is planning to eventually sell its products in the US. Hurry it up, Gik. ComicCon's coming.

(Via Time)