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Blue Origin's crew capsule: Inside the spaceship Bezos built

Shipping worldwide isn't enough for the Amazon CEO. He's also working on shipping people to space and has revealed what the inside of the ride will look like.

Peeking in on the crew capsule.
Michael Craft Photography

While Elon Musk and SpaceX have been moving ahead at light speed with reusable rockets resupplying the International Space Station and plans to fly to Mars and around the moon, Jeff Bezos' own space company keeps moving forward in the background.

Helmed by the Amazon CEO, Blue Origin is slowly taking steps to compete more directly with both the big commercial space companies and those like Virgin Galactic that are more focused on space tourism. On Wednesday, Blue Origin sent around a few photos highlighting the interior of its crew capsule.

The sleek design looks ripped from any number of science fiction franchises and seats six people, each with their own window seat. This is the capsule that would sit atop Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket before separating after launch and taking a handful of would-be astronauts at a time on a trip to the edge of space.


Seating for six to spaaaace!

Michael Craft Photography

There, the crew would have the opportunity to experience weightlessness. The capsule is designed to have enough room for passengers to unstrap from their seats and float around for a while.

Beyond space tourism, Blue Origin is also working on its massive New Glenn rocket to launch satellites and carry humans deeper into space.

And for really ambitious tourists who want to go beyond just touching the edge of space, it was recently revealed that Bezos' company also has plans for a lunar colony, complete with an Amazon-like delivery service.

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