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Beomni: The robot you control from anywhere in the world

Beyond Imagination takes advantage of CES 2022 to tout a robot designed to interact with the human world.

At CES 2022, Beyond Imagination showed off its Beomni humanoid robot to the public for the first time. Featuring a friendly face, two arms and an Iron Man-like chest display, the robot moves around on wheels and its actions can be controlled by a person using a VR headset and gloves from anywhere in the world.

Harry Kloor, chief founder of Beyond Imagination, says one of the first things he wants to do with a Beomni robot is place one in his elderly mother's home so he can take care of tasks from afar. But Beomni isn't just about tackling Earth-bound jobs. Beyond Imagination plans to build a hardened version capable of handling future space work.

Beyond Imagination also says that eventually Beomni robots will be able to do things without having to be virtually controlled by humans. The robots will be capable of learning over time, the company says, and the first Beomni robots should be available in 2023. Find out more about Beomni in the embedded video.

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