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Watch an astronaut build a tower of pudding in space

A NASA astronaut performs a mighty feat of food engineering thanks to the power of pudding combined with the effects of microgravity.

NASA astronaut Jack Fischer is having a blast in his first stint onboard the International Space Station. He took time out from his serious astronaut duties to play with his food. On Tuesday, Fischer shared a video of himself building a tower of pudding in microgravity. He capped the impressive feat by eating his own creation. 

Fischer rigged up a spoon held in place on the edge of a work surface. He then squeezed the pudding (which looks to be vanilla or banana) out of a bag, like a giant packet of ketchup. It jiggles, but stays suspended until he chows down, at which point he has to chase a chunk of it through the air. 

The video ties in nicely with Fischer's space-food obsession. He previously shared his International Space Station version of bean and cheese tacos.

Fischer appended some delightful hashtags to his video tweet: #floatyfood and #spacepudding. He also describes the experiment as a "leaning tower of yumiosity." Don't try this on Earth.