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Armed to the teeth: Woman taken to hospital with shark attached to arm

A young witness says a group of swimmers were harassing the shark before it clamped down on one of them.

A nurse shark took a bite out of a woman's arm in Florida on Sunday and wouldn't let go.
Boca Raton Fire Rescue

A nurse shark in Boca Raton, Florida, found something to sink its teeth into on Sunday, and even death couldn't break its hold.

The 2-foot shark took a chomp out of a swimmer, and the unidentified woman, age 23, walked out of the water with it still attached to her forearm, the South Florida Sun Sentinel newspaper reported.

Even after the shark passed on to the Great Shark Beyond, paramedics couldn't remove it. A splint board was used to support the woman's arm, shark still attached, and paramedics took her to Boca Raton Regional Hospital, where the bold little biter was finally removed.

But was it a case of satisfying revenge? An 11-year-old witness told the newspaper a group of beachgoers were holding the shark by its tail before it attacked. The newspaper quotes the National Park Service as saying that "attacks on humans are rare but not unknown and a clamping bite typically results from a diver or fisherman antagonizing the shark."

"Don't hassle a shark" seems like an unnecessary warning, but perhaps some people need an occasional reminder. Consider yourself reminded.