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Alibaba's founder Jack Ma says AI will likely replace CEOs

Ma is predicting that 30 years from now, AI-powered robots will be on the cover of Time magazine for best CEO, and he's totally serious about it.

Jack Ma warns that artificial intelligence may pose a threat to CEOs' jobs.
VCG via Getty Images

Watch out, human chief executive officers of companies, your job could be gone in 30 years, says Alibaba founder and executive chairman Jack Ma.

Ma, who was speaking at an entrepreneurship conference in Zhengzhou, China, said that artificial intelligence would be able to make calculations and decisions more rationally than humans and wouldn't be swayed by emotions when compared with the human equivalent, reported The Guardian.

Ma also warned that social conflicts would result from AI taking over jobs, leaving an aging workforce competing for a diminishing number of jobs and would cause "more pain than happiness."

The Alibaba founder isn't the first tech expert to warn of the perils of artificial intelligence. Tesla's Elon Musk as well as famed physicist Stephen Hawking have all spoken out against the perils of AI. Musk has even set up a fund to ensure that AI research doesn't get out of hand and wipe out humanity.

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