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Al Gore: Let's 'put a price on carbon'

In a speech at the Social Good Summit, the former US vice president says that taxing carbon use would be an essential tool for fighting global warming and its ravaging effects.

Former US Vice President Al Gore (left) sits with Facebook's founding president, Sean Parker, at SXSW in 2012.
Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Former US Vice President Al Gore couldn't have been clearer on Monday when he suggested that if humanity wants to stave off the coming catastrophe of global climate change, we need to start putting a financial price on the use of carbon.

With the last decade having been the hottest in history, and an increasing number of natural disasters ravaging the planet, Gore said that humankind must confront what he called our biggest challenge going forward.

Speaking at the Social Good Summit today, Gore said the 24 Hours of Reality event, which will be hosted October 22 and 23 by his Climate Reality Project, will focus on, among other things, identifying the true cost of carbon pollution.

According to Mashable, Gore used his speech today to encourage a new taxation system on carbon usage.

"We are already paying the price of carbon, so it is high time that we put a price on carbon. The course of civilization between now and 2030, and beyond, is going to be shaped by us," Gore said.

"It is simply not acceptable for major companies to mimic the unethical strategies of the tobacco companies in presenting blatantly false information in order to protect a business model. We have to put a price on that denial," he added. "We need to let the polluters pay that price."