Air taxi trial to take to the skies in 2019

Singapore is set to begin test flights in the second half of the year.

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Volocopters could be buzzing through Singapore next year.


The skies of Singapore are set to buzz with their first air taxis in 2019, when Volocopter starts its inner-urban flight tests.

The German company's tests, scheduled for the latter half of the year, will assess its EVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) vehicles' suitability for the city.

The drone-like Volocopters can fly two people nearly 19 miles (just short of 30 km) and can't be heard over the usual noise of a city, the company said.

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"We are getting ready to start implementing the first fixed routes in cities," Florian Reuter, Volocopter's CEO, said in a statement. "Singapore is a logical partner: The city is a true pioneer in technology and city development."

Volocopter performed a public unmanned test flight in Dubai last fall and numerous others in Germany.

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However, it isn't the only company looking take over the urban skies. Uber outlined its plans to get UberAir, its own EVTOL-based transport network, off the ground in as little as two years. Airbus has promised a self-flying electric air taxi by 2020.