AI and jobs: The journey never ends

School's never out thanks to the AI's constantly rising bar, according to report from the UK's House of Lords.

The demands of artificial intelligence on jobs means that AI training will become a "lifelong necessity," according to a report published Monday by the UK's House of Lords. 

The report, entitled "AI in the UK: ready, willing and able?" warns that workers will face continual training to maintain useful skills AI in the changing job markets. 

"As AI decreases demand for some jobs but creates demand for others, retraining will become a lifelong necessity and pilot initiatives, like the Government's National Retraining Scheme, could become a vital part of our economy," the report says. 

So while some jobs may disappear, new ones may become even more important. The key in both cases is staying on top of the latest advances and skills. While that may not come as a surprise to many folks, it does serve as a wakeup call that tech's long arms can stretch across industries. 

And training can't start too early, the report says, which recommends teaching coding and other skills in schools. 

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Don't let AI make you a technical fossil. 

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