Speaker 1: Today's the premier of the strongest and fastest electric car ever produced by the BMW group. The BMW IX M 60. I love the sound, By the way. Did you know the BMW IX M succeed has the same performance, like the BMW X five. And, but with zero emission [00:00:30] To sum it up the BMW I X, M 60 is the essence of three worlds. BMW. I BMW X. And of course BMWM And with the BMW [00:01:00] I X, M 60, the driving machine meets the ultimate digital experience. And that applies to all future cars of BMW. What does that mean? Find out now You think that's just a trick? No, this is, I think I'll stick got that. The BMW I X flow featuring E Inc, is the approach to bring the body of the car to life. But to tell [00:01:30] you more, we are stellar with us Speaker 2: In the future. BMW customers may change the color of their car with the push of a button. We're bringing personalization to unforeseen levels. [00:02:00] And when we were developing this car, we worked many days and nights on this car. And I remember at the end of one work day, I left the car running just pulsing, and I left it running all night as a robustness test. When I came back in the morning, six o'clock, I just looked at the car and it was like, it's alive [00:02:30] BMW flow technology can benefit our customers in a number of ways. First is personalization. You choose the closure wear, you choose your social media status that you can choose the color of your car. Second is information. For example, if your battery status is full in the case of car sharing, if a car is free, if it's clean, if you've lost your car in a parking lot, we can make it flash so you can detect it in your peripheral vision. [00:03:00] A third benefit is functional by changing color, we can change sunlight reflection and thus change the thermal properties of the car. We can essentially change the color of the, to support our sustainability goals Speaker 2: With the BMW IX flow. We are bringing the digital soul of BMW [00:03:30] to the exterior. It's new. It's never been done. It's unexpected. It's magical Speaker 3: A carve that can react to me, my moods and my needs.