[MUSIC] One thing we hear about Tesla is we [INAUDIBLE] about performance. We want a vehicle that feels incredible, that accelerates like nothing else. The Tesla Semi will go 0 to 60. In five seconds, [APPLAUSE] So that's by itself or with a trailer. Now at 80,000 pounds max gross vehicle weight, that's the most amount of weight you can carry on a US highway, this is the realtime acceleration of a Tesla semi. [APPLAUSE] That- [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] On the left, the thing that looks like it's not moving- [LAUGH] Is a diesel truck. [APPLAUSE] Now, what about up a hill? [LAUGH] Okay. The best diesel trucks can only do 45 miles an hour up a 5% grade. Tesla [UNKNOWN] can do 65 miles an hour on a 5% grade. Woo. Yeah [APPLAUSE]. That's 65 miles an hour continuous at max gross. What this means is that if you're pulling a load over the Rockies or some mountainous terrain, up a hill.. You're earning per mile. You're earning 50% more, per mile, than you are in a diesel truck. That's a gigantic difference! Yeah! Yeah! [APPLAUSE] One of the biggest questions we've been asked about electric trucks is, "How far can they go?" Because. Well let's find out. 500 mile range. (Applause) What it means is that the because the vast majority of routes are under 250 miles. It means that you can go to your destination and back Even if your destination has no charging, you can go there and home without recharging. So you could deliver a load out to the middle of nowhere and come back. As compared to charging a Tesla truck, you can charge at your origin or destination. So while you're unloading your cargo. You can charge. [APPLAUSE] Every truck we sell will have enhanced auto pilot as standard. The truck will automatically break, yeah you can read it to. It will automatically break, it will actually automatically lane keep as well, so even if you're in the truck and have a medical emergency, the truck will stay in lane and gradually come to a halt. If it doesn't hear a response, it will actually call the emergency services and get an ambulance It's going to take care of you. It's going to take care of other cars. It's going to take care of pedestrians. This is a massive increase in safety. And perhaps most importantly jack knifing is usually the worst nightmare of a trucker. How do you stop you're vehicle from jack knifing if you're in to full conditions. The truck will automatically do it, because each wheel is independent, and it will dynamically adjust the torque on each wheel so that jack knifing is impossible. It is incredibly important. We're putting massive attention into making this truck Incredibly reliable and that's why we're guaranteeing that this truck will not break down for a million miles. [APPLAUSE] 2019, so if you order now you get the truck in 2 years. [MUSIC]