[NOISE] Welcome to the hottest ticket in California tonight. This is the Tesla hybrid truck unveiling this is where everybody wants to be. We're all bad Jeff and we're taking you behind the scenes for the unveiling of Tesla's next. It maybe its biggest product ever. We've got movie cars scattered around and people are in [UNKNOWN] getting all cyberpunk up. It's going to be a good time and I'm really glad you're here with us to enjoy it. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] It's starting to get a little bit crazy in here. People are filling in. This is Tesla's design center where they do a lot of work on the next generation vehicles right next to space XHQ Falcon 9 rocket sitting right over there which is pretty awesome. A lot of people behind me are in cause play which is great to see. Sorry to say I got the memo a little bit late, so I packed the wrong jacket. The excitement in the room was getting pretty intense. And then Elon Musk finally came out and just a moment later through the smoke, pulled the Cybertron It was pretty remarkable to see and especially remarkable that and just two more minutes, designer friends about a whole thousand was hitting this thing with a sledgehammer. Tamar, showing off impressive durability as skin of steel that Elon Musk says is totally bulletproof. At least if you're not shooting anything bigger than a nine millimeter, then they tried a similar trick on the glass, which didn't go so well. Well, maybe that was a little too hard. [LAUGH] [SOUND] Yeah, oops. Then we got the all important performance figures which is what we were really waiting for. Range, more than 500 miles. Acceleration, zero to 60 in less than 2.9 seconds. But, more important given this is a truck More than 14,000 pounds of towing and a payload of up to 3500 pounds. Those are seriously impressive numbers, way more than your average f150 can deliver. Wow. Wow, it's pretty interesting. It's a little crazy in here. Let's go outside. We'll talk through some of the details and then maybe I'm gonna see I get arrived [CROSSTALK] [BLANK_AUDIO] It's almost time. Are you ready? A little quiet. While we're waiting, let's take a closer look at the Tesla Cybertruck and a little bit of a walk around. Starting at the back we've got that retractable bed cover, but Tesla doesn't call this a bed, no they call it a vault. That bed cover closes to keep your load secure. And underneath it is a rigid line like trunk. This thing is four sided to save the least The material is rolled steel which as we saw before is pretty darn durable. Those door handles retract like on the Model S but appropriately there are a lot more square here than on that car. There are no outside rearview mirrors. That windscreen is giant and is totally flat and up front we've got unibrow lighting which is also integrated in the top of the windscreen. [UNKNOWN] to say day or night, they will see you coming and they will know what you're driving. [MUSIC] All right, they fixed the glass, time to go for a ride. Thank you. [MUSIC] Now it's so good. [MUSIC] Right, so I'm gonna point your attention here to the center display. And this is a 17 inch lanscape orientation display, a prototype UI on it. Look at the demo intro there for you. Right. And just get the navigation button here and it's gonna show us the route that we're taking. So we go out here, we'll turn right and u-turn about the end. To do that I'm gonna put us into low mode, fog lamps on, or off or lights on. Just as it looks. Let's go in. [LAUGH] Anyone else to get me transfer? Absolutely. Wow. [LAUGH] Nice, okay that's great 62 miles an hour I saw so is pretty good. [BLANK_AUDIO] All right, that was a really short ride but it was something special. I've been in some quick trucks before, I've driven a Ford Raptor, and lots of stuff like that. But I've never been in a truck that could hustle like that thing. Obviously, just to get a really short ride, just a taste taste of what this thing can do, but I'm pretty impressed and also, 14,000 pounds towing. That's more than any F-150 on the market right now. So it should have the practicality as well. That bed looks certainly usable. It's got a trunk in the back like the Honda Ridgeline and I'm pretty convinced this thing's gonna be something special when it hits the market and I haven't even talked about what it looks like of course. Yeah, this is a very controversial style not everyone's gonna like it. It's most people not gonna like it. Me. Yeah, I like it a lot. Actually, I like that it is completely unlike anything else on the market. It was exactly what this is. I think we need a little bit more of that and I'm pretty excited to see how this develops. Not coming to the market until sometime for the end of next year. If you want to try motor truck which I probably would, the one with the 500 miles a range, you'll wait even longer for that. But it's a really impressive event tonight, really impressive unveiling, and I really look forward to getting my turn behind the wheel.