All right everyone, we are in the V8 Camero 1LE, 450 horsepower, 400 50 pound feet of torque and I've got a right seat driver Todd from the driving school is going to take me through so I can get the fastest lap possible. Finish line marked driver. Thank you. You're welcome. [SOUND] Now what I love about this V-8. [SOUND] That limiter. Is just right in here on this straight. That's a 100 round right there. So good. [SOUND] [NOISE] Gotta be really patient up here, all right? All right. Lighter, lighter, lighter, lighter. Turn it, more wheel, more wheel. Here, now go. It feels so [UNKNOWN] but I know I'm going so fast. Brakes are good. But I didn't look at my [UNKNOWN]. Last turn, last turn, hands. Last turn. Last turn. On mine. Turn it, turn it. There you go, there it is awesome. Flat flat flat. No go. Woah!. Break break break light lighter lighter too heavy go back to power, on wide hands, there you go turn it. Throttle, throttle. Brake. Brake. Hold the brake, patient on the throttle. Wait for it, now go. [NOISE]. Turn it. Throttle, brake. Ride it, ride it, ride it. Finally. Throttle, throttle, throttle. Brake. Throttle. On line. Great. [SOUND] That's how good